June Favourites


Well, it would be a big fat lie if I’d say “Where did this month go?”… You can find the reason why at the end of this blog post. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful month with lots of adventures, new beauty and fashion finds, happy moments and so on, but I can’t say that it went by quickly. Read More


Healthy raw spring risotto

Photo 24-3-16, 3 30 44 μ.μ.

With the warmer months approaching is time to change your diet a little bit. Not only because you want to be presentable at the beach, mostly because as the temperature rises your system cannot digest that easily heavier meals. If you live in a warmer country like myself, you know exactly how that feels. Read More

7 Facts about Me & One lovely blog award


Don’t get me wrong. I love my blog, I love writing about things that I am interested in, I love experimenting with makeup and beauty stuff but sometimes… oh sometimes it’s hard, really hard. You find yourself wondering in the middle of the night, while you are editing a new post, is it really worth it? Is it really worth all those sleepless nights, all this money you spend for new makeup stuff only to write a blogpost about them? And then you wake up one morning, with only 3 hours of sleep and you read a comment on your blog… ‘hey, I have nominated you for an award‘! And you feel so damn good that you dance like crazy on your bed at 6 a.m in the morning! And I know, it’s not an Oscar or a Grammy …oh I am very aware of that! But it’s definitely the answer to your question : Is it really worth it? – YES it is!

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My secret smoothie recipe

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Today I woke up feeling a little bit like crap! I had the worst headache in my life, my eyes were hurting and my whole body in general hurt like I have exercised for hours  (which I haven’t)! So by the time I got out of bed, I run into my kitchen to prepare my favourite smoothie – my life saviour! And then I thought, why not share my secret recipe with you all? So here you have it! The most delicious and healthy smoothie in the world! Read More