The RED eyeshadow | How I wear it

Photo 10-10-14 - 10 54 28 μ.μ.Red dress, red underwear, red lips and nails may sound familiar to you. But red eyeshadow? Probably not. Maybe only a clown would say “Oh yes I use it every single day for my shows!” But it’s not like that! Red eyeshadow can be worn by you as well, as long as you know how to wear it!

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The Barbie in you | Favourite pink lipsticks

Photo 26-9-14 - 2 32 09 μ.μ.If Barbie was human, then she would definitely pick these lipsticks up! I have to admit that I don’t dress in pink that often, but on the lips I love me some pink lipstick! I think there must be definitely a reason why Mother Nature gave us pink lips. Pink is the colour of youth. Put on some pink on your lips when you feel crappy and you will automatically look much more awake,fresh and young!

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